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 MPEG Scissors

This Program was created for easy editing MPEG Files. It make easy to CUT and JOIN multiple files. If You select [StartFrame] and [EndFrame] for every Job (file) and when process is done, you obtain a single file with all selections included.
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05-Nov-2003 9 Review team 9/10
20-Feb-2005 10 sasi it was very use full
28-Nov-2004 10 zshaha Good for my life
13-Nov-2003 10 Tane cant download this help please sounds really cool to mix all my mps help please : )
13-Nov-2003 10 Tane cant download this program help please sounds really cool to mix up my mp3's
06-Aug-2003 10 videocom very cool
07-Jul-2003 8 lemairenoisy ok
28-Jun-2003 4 Cyaron If it shows I have posted another review here, that was a mistake. The other review was meant for the 123 Audio Video Merger program. However, I DID try out this program, and the reasonj I give it a lowly 4 rating is because the program descrition is worded in such a way that it sounds like it's supposed to be able to cut MPEGs, as in videos. When I ran the program, it was only an mpeg AUDIO cutter. It still used the word "frame" instead of "sector", like it was a video function, but it was only for sound. Well, there's a program called CDex (get 1.4, not the new one) that can do the same thing (and it knows a sector from a frame), while also being a really good MP3 encoder. So basically, there isn't much use to this program.
28-Jun-2003 8 Cyaron Well, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, and without some of the errors that other programs have been known to cause. I only gave it an 8 for a couple reasons. First off, there is no way to select a list of files; you have to select them all one at a time. Second, you cannot create or edit profile information at all. These abilities would be really nice. In addition to these minor omissions, I had to use Download Accelerator Plus in order to properly download the file. With these complaints, one might think I would score it noticeably lower than 8. However, this is not really supposed to be a really involved program. Its functions are very simple but they do the job they are supposed to do. Also, the program installs nicely and has help information, among other things. As for the need for DAP to actually get the file, I don't see that as a problem with the program, but a problem with the host.
09-Jun-2003 10 maconey i like it :-)
14-May-2003 5 nagoov It is very helpfull me. But My OS is Windows 2000
18-Feb-2003 10 asad great
11-Jan-2003 10 julianseba great
13-Dec-2002 10 veera Very Good
09-Sep-2002 10 trax203 very good
01-Apr-2002 8 Keet preety good
26-Feb-2002 10 shankha Link fixed
25-Feb-2002 10 chabin Found it here http://www.harmony-central.com/Software/Windows/audio_editing.html
25-Jan-2002 10 chriswoo Can't download this software.... Anybody can help??? chriswoo71@hotmail.com
27-Dec-2001 1 Kats I'd like to give higher vote but I can't DL nor can I find the Homepage of its creator.
04-Dec-2001 10 swifty Help me!!! I can't download... Swift_malone@hotmail.com
12-Oct-2001 10 stuchly thx
15-Apr-2001 10 ahmet thx
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Quick facts
Product MPEG Scissors
Version 1.2
Publisher TFM Group
Platform Windows ME/NT/98/95
Filesize 423 K
Released 24-Jul-1999
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Homepage http://www.tfm.profm.ro/
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 22028 (0)
Rating 8.74 (0)
Votes 428 (0)
Summary rating +264.97 (0)
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