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 XingMPEG Player

XingMPEG Player adds complete MPEG playback capabilities to Windows computers, delivering a full-screen, full-motion audio and video experience. It includes an MPEG decoder that enables playback from within third-party applications, and an easy-to-use playback application providing a VCR-like interface for directly watching MPEG videos. Full functionality of both the user interface and the high powered Xing MPEG Driver is included in this 30-day trial
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
09-Dec-2004 10 prime i need to try this
08-Dec-2004 10 anoop i want to download xing mpeg player
08-Dec-2004 10 anoop this is good as ive heard from a friend
06-Dec-2004 10 sunil_n_77 its nice
30-Nov-2004 10 kamran_yh ivant xing mpeg player free
01-Nov-2004 10 jimmie thank
08-Sep-2004 10 dodot why can i get a free down load for Xing Mpeg player
04-Sep-2004 10 robin nice
23-Aug-2004 10 hot_smr hmm nice player
12-Aug-2004 10 gitaranjan I like Xing Player. Its a very good media player.
18-Jul-2004 9 lock very nice
23-Jun-2004 10 sanjay_shah2k4 i like xing to run video cd. i want downlowd free thanks
21-Jun-2004 10 sunny_cool goodplayer for anytype cd
06-Jun-2004 10 Federico I want to download the player for free
29-May-2004 10 mypizz buagus deh halo AKABA'17 (1994)
04-Apr-2004 10 lal_jose2k4 laljose
04-Apr-2004 10 raikwar i want to download xing mpeg player
19-Mar-2004 9 flintfireforge this is good as ive heard from a friend
19-Mar-2004 NR flintfireforge i'll be trying this software
17-Mar-2004 10 fyaselah xingplayer
13-Mar-2004 10 pisaifu very very good software
12-Mar-2004 8 amenui thanks, that's all
10-Mar-2004 10 madmach sa
10-Mar-2004 10 madmach wery good
28-Feb-2004 10 mohan_gote very goooood player
28-Feb-2004 10 mohan_gote super player
21-Feb-2004 10 deva Xing is very good utility to run vedio CD's
19-Feb-2004 10 paulo thank god for this player
16-Feb-2004 10 nicky_naorem this version is not available..can anybosy shared it with me..plz contact me
11-Feb-2004 10 anwar_maub this player is compatible for my computer
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Quick facts
Product XingMPEG Player
Version 3.30
Publisher Xing Tech. Corp.
Platform Windows ME/NT/98/95
Filesize 1,505 K
Released 31-Jul-2000
License Shareware
Cost $29.00
Expires Expires after 30 Days
Homepage http://www.xingtech.com/
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 17827 (0)
Rating 9.22 (0)
Votes 1286 (0)
Summary rating +983.89 (0)
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