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 Meliksah AVI Player

Meliksah AVI Player is a simple Windows Animation Player.
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
12-Nov-2002 10 willydee d/l from aug 2000
12-Nov-2002 10 willydee follow grisou's instructions =
25-Sep-2002 10 mornning219 this site ia great
24-Sep-2002 NR hatter wont open what the hell
15-Sep-2002 8 fania GRISOU was absolutely right!!! you CAN download it by using a past page of the web archive library! :) thanx grisou!
28-Aug-2002 10 klatsch how do i download it?!
14-Aug-2002 10 aip123 its a good one
09-Aug-2002 10 yo http://fener.hypermart.net/ftp/mavi3.zip
28-Jul-2002 10 mickymenezes i have to check
04-May-2002 NR xxmaxi oh shit what's that ! that was trash
29-Apr-2002 10 zamudio4848 it good
28-Mar-2002 NR fido Can't find page. Won't download!!!
27-Jan-2002 10 ajay I've used it ..way back in Jun'01 but now i m trying to download it to my friends system ..but i m not able to......Don't know why....^_^
10-Jan-2002 10 grisou go to this address http://web.archive.org/ and type http://fener.hypermart.net/ftp/mavi3.zip and you will be able to download the program as i did.
28-Dec-2001 10 solbrass can not download it!!?
12-Dec-2001 1 atuldpatil FAKE site .. No such download. Unable to locate the server: fener.hypermart.net
03-Dec-2001 10 josiahboy3 How can I download the player?
25-Nov-2001 1 peewee It's impossible to download
07-Nov-2001 1 syck It's impossible to download.... http://fener.hypermart.net/ftp/mavi3.zip doesn'r exist anymore
05-Nov-2001 10 jaideep4u nice to watch aviz
02-Nov-2001 10 Frank Nice
25-Oct-2001 10 alexb nice player
07-Oct-2001 10 raulcos nice
25-Sep-2001 10 mrapai nice
24-Sep-2001 10 ajay too good a player
23-Sep-2001 10 Michael Thanx, now I can watch my digital camera videos (.avi) on windows media player!
19-Sep-2001 10 star Great little player
13-Sep-2001 10 ajay nice player
02-Sep-2001 10 hoehl good to have this player
26-Jul-2001 8 marvin Hallo, ( 'm www.sebastian-palluch.de ) I Think, that's important to Play *.avi - Files. I want onliy this Player.
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Quick facts
Product Meliksah AVI Player
Version 3.00.001
Publisher Meliksah Ozoral
Platform Windows ME/NT/98/95
Filesize 204 K
Released 07-Jul-1998
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Homepage http://www.mimsa.com/mweb/
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 68534 (1)
Rating 8.75 (0)
Votes 2054 (0)
Summary rating +1281.06 (0)
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